Paul Ryan was commissioned to swipe the cover to ALL-STAR COMICS number 3 
from 1940 which introduced the golden-age Justice Society of America and replace 
the team's members with those of Marvel's 'golden-age' team supreme, the Invaders. 
I was then commissioned to ink the cover over Paul.  I used brush on about half of it 
and markers on the other half.   I completed it  August '02.
Paul Ryan Art
As was reported on the NEWS page on 
10/31/02, this commission will be printed
within the pages of Alter-Ego magazine 
# 20 due to ship in January (cover by Al
Milgrom on left, which, coincidentally, was
composed similiar to Paul's commission).
Thanks to David Studham from who's website 
I borrowed the ASC cover.
Davo's All-Star Comics