(above) Detail of the cover circle art by Sal and Bob
(below, left to right)
The covers Marvel eventually chose for BLACK PANTHER 
issues 41, 42, 43, 44 and 45, all colored by Tom Chu except 
43 which is  colored by Tom Smith.  Sal inked himself on 44.
The last image is the EW Beatles parody with the 
After the Kirby tribute cover was rejected for BP#41(see last Gallery thumbnail) Sal submitted one 
of Priest' other cover suggestions for the first chapter of ENEMY OF THE STATE 2, a parody of the 
Beatles album "Meet the Beatles" which had been parodied some time back with the SEINFELD 
cast on ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY.  After some time passed we were planning to do the cover 
to issue 42 when our editor asked us to do another cover image to issue 41 to commence the arc 
and we were told that the Beatles cover would wind up on issue 42.  Some time passed and instead 
of doing the cover to issue 43 we were asked to do another cover for 42 and that 43 would have the 
Beatles cover. Sometime early on this this hoopla Priest was allowed to extend his story arc to a 
fifth chapter.  This allowed him to fit a lot of fun details into the tale, allowing issue 43 to be the 
Kirbyapalooza issue. I then suggested to Sal that we come up with a fun new cover circle art shot 
of one of the Kirby characters for the Beatles cover, our editor approved of the idea and after Sal 
and I discussed ideas I left it up to him and he came up with what you see in the top right of this 
page.  In the meantime I had been lobbying Marvel for weeks to use the 'Panther on technotree' 
cover originally intended for THE COMIC READER magazine before it went under. It was posted 
at my homepage for a while but I thought it was too good a piece not to be published.  At the 
eleventh hour our editor decided to use it in place of the Beatles one which he wasn't very enthused 
about.  Unfortunately, he also thought that the circle art wouldn't work well with the new cover image
or the next two covers.  The cover above is a mock-up by Sal, including the colors.