Pencils by Patrick Zircher
This was the other entry for the new OHOTMU
that I was hired to ink.  To contrast my textural
grim&gritty inks over Sal's grim&gritty pencils
on DEATHLOK I inked Patrick's piece with 
brush as slickly as I could to reflect consist-
antly with Bud Larosa's clean inks on
AMAZING SPIDERMAN where this character
was appearing.
UPDATE 3/17/06:  This art will now be used as
an entry in the upcoming MARVEL LEGACY:
THE 1990'S HANDBOOK with full credit-
although it did take me 2 hours to 'clean up' the
image for print use...I only had an 8-year old
photocopy taken from my old, clunky copier:-P
Perhaps there's still hope that 'Deathlok' &
Champion' will find a home one day:-)
Thanks to Jeff Christiansen & Jeff Youngquist.