2010 photos Print
Written by Bob Almond   
Sunday, 22 August 2010 18:24

I've had a good record of posting pics from almost every show but most of mine from my whirlwind tour this year are Inkwell Awards-related and would get posted on that website and I can't see posting it all twice.  To check out IA pics you can go here, but that section is less updated than this one is;-)  Since the last entry for Boston Comic Con here below this entry I've attended Pittsburgh Comicon on April 23-25, Free Comic Book Day May 1st at both That's Entertainment with Mark McKenna (see photos) and New England Comics: New Bedford beside artist Juli Mayers (blurry photo), Granite Con in Manchester, NH on May 23 (I forgot to take pics at this event), and Heroes Con on June 4-6 (one pic with Jay Fife).  Hopefully there will be more pics from the shows in October, Wizardworld: Big Apple in NYC and WW: New England in Boston.