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Wednesday, 16 December 2009 15:50


13X19 HEAVYWEIGHT MATTE PHOTO PAPER- $12 (unless otherwise marked) plus $12 s&h shipped domestically. Buy 3 for $30! (B&W prints are $10-some prints are marked up or down (unpriced) from this price guide and discounts for multiple items may not apply.) BLACK PANTHER LARGE PRINTS ARE ALL $15. Red: NEW ITEMS!

8.5X11 MATTE OR GLOSSY PHOTO PAPER IN A PLASTIC SLEEVE- $5 plus $7 s&h shipped domestically. Buy 3 or more, $4 each!  BLACK PANTHER SMALL PRINTS ARE ALL $8.

      .  Black Panther (BP#35 edited cover) by Sal Velluto & Bob Almond & Tom Chu ($15-black background/$12-white bg)

      .  Black Panther (World of Wakanda cover w/ new colors) by Sal Velluto & Bob Almond & Tom Chu ($15)

      .  Iron Man vs. Guardsman by Philip Tan & Bob Almond & Tom Chu- color ($15) b&w ($10)

      .  Spider-man vs. Green Goblin by Stephen Segovia & Bob Almond & Tom Chu- color ($15) b&w ($10)

      .  Hulk vs. Wolverine by Stephen Segovia, Bob Almond & Liezl Buenaventura ($15) b&w ($10)

      .  Batman vs. Scarecrow by Stephen Segovia, Bob Almond & Liezl Buenaventura ($15) b&w ($12)

      .  Rom, Silver Surfer & Nova by Thomas Frisano, Bob Almond & Nate Lovett

      .  Punisher by Thomas Frisano, Bob Almond & Nate Lovett

      .  Ghost Rider by Geof Isherwood, Bob Almond & Isherwood 

      .  Conan by Keu Cha & Bob Almond (b&w) 

      .  Black Panther (BP #31 cover) by Sal Velluto, Bob Almond & Tom Smith 

      .  Robin ("Wanted") by Tom Grummett, Bob Almond & Tom Chu (bright&dark versions)

      .  Robin ("Moonlighting") by Tom Grummett, Almond & Tom Chu (bright&dark versions)

      .  Peter Parker/Spider-man by Sanford Greene, Bob Almond, & Tom Chu

      .  Spider-man by Scott Kolins, Bob Almond, & Tom Chu  

      .  Daredevil by Casey Jones, Bob Almond, & Blake Wilkie  

      .  Nightwing vs. Torque by Scott McDaniel, Bob Almond, & Tom Chu 

      .  Catwoman (2011 Pittsburgh Comicon program book cover) by Jay Fife, Almond, & Andrew Harmon   

  • Batman by Casey Jones, Bob Almond, & Liezl Buenaventura   
  • Nightwing by Mike Lilly, Bob Almond, & Tom Chu  
  • Zatanna by Michael Dooney, Almond, & Wilkie
  • Phoenix & Looker by Dave Hoover, Almond, & Wilkie
  • Catwoman by Terry Dodson, Almond, & Wilkie
  • Supergirl by Ron Adrian, Almond, & Wilkie
  • Wonder Woman by Alex Miranda, Almond, & Wilkie
  • Marvin & Gossammer by Bob Almond
  • Vampirella (cover to Vampirella: Revelations#2) by Mike Lilly, Almond, & Jay Fotos
  • Nightcrawler by Craig Rousseau, Almond, & Chris Summers
  • Spider-man vs. Doc Ock by Kevin J. West, Almond, & Wilkie
  • Avengers (cover to Avengers: Supreme Justice tpb) by George Perez, Almond/Townsend/Hanna/Lee, & Tom Smith (w/ logo $15, w/o logo $12)
  • Black Panther (cover to Black Panther#43) by Sal Velluto, Almond, Smith (2 versions: red moon & purple moon)
  • The Wasp by Bob Almond
  • JSA (published in JSA All Stars#1) by Sal Velluto, Almond, & John Kalisz
  • Black Panther (cover intended for BP#49 but later used by Panini Comics for Marvel Monster Edition: Panthere Noire#2)
    by Sal Velluto, Almond, & Smith 
  • Spider-Man by Casey Jones, Almond, & Almond
  • Black Panther (unpublished cover intended for BP#41 but used for Bob's 2nd Sketchbook) by Velluto, Almond, & Almond
  • The Hulk by Craig Rousseau, Almond, & Almond
  • Poison Ivy by Bob Almond


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