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by Jess Harrold

Creators: numerous,

including Bob Almond

Marvel Comics/352pp

$29.99/Ships 2/12/20





(Reprinting Warlock & the

Infinity Watch #9 (1992))

Writer: Jim Starlin

Penciler: Angel Medina

Inks: Bob Almond

Marvel Comics/22pp

$1.00/Shipped 4/10/19


9781401292201 p0 v1 s600x595



(Collects JSA All Stars

#1 & #8, and much more)

Writers: G.Johns, D.Goyer

    and others

Penciler: Sal Velluto, etc.

Inker: Bob Almond, etc.

DC Comics/480pp/

$34.99/Shipped 7/3/19



THE TICK#2(variant cover)

Cover art: MIke Lilly &

Bob Almond & Redhead

New England Comics/32pp

$5.99/Shipped 1/27/18






(Collects Aquaman 1-6

& Aquaman Secret Files)

Writer: Rick Veitch

Pencils by Sal Velluto, etc.

Inks: Bob Almond, etc.

DC Comics/200pp/

$19.99/Shipped 1/3/18



20638595 10155602448093934 9451438850039337 n



(sold @ NEC stores)



(due to lateness of the

issue to debut at the

2017 Boston Con this

b&w ashcan was re-

leased instead @ the 

venue,limited to 75

copies) Variant cover

Cover pencils:Mike Lilly

Cover inks:Bob Almond

Cover color: David


New England Comics/








(collects H4H#1-12, 

Spider-Island: H4H,

Villains For Hire#0.1)

Writers:Abnett & Lanning

Pencils:Kyle Hotz, others

Inks:Bob Almond, others

Marvel Comics/416pp./







(collects GotG Annual 4,etc.)


Pencilers:Kevin West,others

Inkers:Bob Almond,others

Marvel Comics/352pp/

$34.99/Shipped 4/12/17


BLAPWAK2016004 Var



variant cover: Sal Velluto

& Bob Almond

Marvel Comics/32pp/

$3.99/Shipped 4/19/17


KBV2 Hardcover large


Writers: Art Ayris, others

Pencilers:Kyle Hotz,others

Inkers:Bob Almond,others

Kingstone Media/672pp/

$24.99/Shipped 10/18/16


KBV3 Hardcover large


Writers: Art Ayris, others

Pencilers:Kyle Hotz,R.Bonk

   & others

Inkers:Bob Almond,others

Kingstone Media/704pp/

$24.99/Shipped 10/18/16


All characters and related art copyright © their respective owners.

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Congrats to Carli Idhe, the 1st Dave Simons Scholarship recipient! Print E-mail
Written by Bob Almond   
Wednesday, 19 May 2010 14:01

From the Inkwell Awards press release:

On May 14 the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art revealed information and photos regarding their 2010 Scholarship Ceremony.  Among the many winners, second year student Carli Idhe was the first recipient of the Dave Simons Inkwell Memorial Scholarship Fund sponsored by the Inkwell Awards.   "Carli is a very talented 20 year old from Green Bay, WI, who currently has a Cumulative QPA of 3.6 at the Kubert School. Her inking samples were selected from about 20 submissions by members of our faculty of professionals" said Michael Chen, Kubert School Special Projects Coordinator.

Bette Simons, Dave's sister added "Congratulations to Carli, the first recipient of The Dave Simons Inkwell Awards Memorial Scholarship!  It’s refreshing to see such a young, talented artist pursuing the career that Dave loved so dearly.  I wish her much success and happiness.
Dave would be floored by this whole process.  So many talented and devoted people came together to make this scholarship possible.  It is beyond what my words can express to see this come full circle.  I hope that with the combined efforts of those so close to Dave that we can continue to make this scholarship an annual event.  Thanks to everyone and best wishes to Carli."

Veteran comic book ink artist Dave Simons joined the Inkwell Awards as a committee member in December 2008 when his cancer had relapsed.  He served in the organization until his passing the following June.  Following this committee member and friend Bob Shaw presented the committee with the idea of creating the scholarship fund as a tribute to Dave.  The organization worked out the details with the consent and support of Bette Simons and contacted Michael Chen that summer.  It would consist of a $1000 annual scholarship to a promising student in financial need who would be tested by their non-digital inking samples on bluelines on board.  "This is how Dave would have wanted it, with a focus on the traditional craft of inking" said Inkwell Awards director Bob Almond,
"and a sincere congratulations to Carli for all the hard work!".


Here I come again, Granite State! Print E-mail
Written by Bob Almond   
Wednesday, 19 May 2010 13:54

I'll be attending the Granite State Comicon this Sunday May 23 from 10-4 and carpoolin' with my bud Craig for the trip. Besides myself I'll have the Inkwell Awards table set up (along with Bob Shaw in the house) with the usual non-profit good for sale for our ongoing fundraising like our signed 2009 and both editions of our 2010 Donation Drive books as well as all of our t-shirts (both logos and Ms. Inkwell) and our Ms. Inkwell items...just no Ms. Inkwell herself (sorry, guys:-P).  Other guests include Khoi Pham (Mighty Avengers), Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash), Becky Cloonan (Demo), Eric Basaldua (Witchblade, Grimm Fairy Tales), Craig Rousseau (Marvel Adventures), Cliff Rathburn (Walking Dead), Talent Caldwell (Fathom, Wildcats), Chris Moreno (Toy Story), Charles Paul Wilson III (Stuff of Legend) as well as Zeke Savory, Jr., Scott Ambruson, Sara Richard, Greg Moutafis, Hannibal King, Lauren Perry, Joe Haley, Jason Casey, Mike Doherty, and many more!  The Proulx bros of Double Midnight Comics put together a great show every time in Manchester, NH so if you're in the area please drop by for some awesome one-day show fun!


MOVING SUCKS! (And so does Enterprise!) Print E-mail
Written by Bob Almond   
Saturday, 08 May 2010 12:35

     That's about as eloquent as I feel right now.  And, no, I'm not moving the website, just myself physically.  I've moved a few times in my life and hated it abysmally each and every time but I haven't had to relocate for over nine years, thankfully.  Until now.  With the economic downturn, lowering of property values, the federal incentive program for first time home-owners, and a city rehab program loan, we can finally afford our first home!  So this moving is a CELEBRATION, even with all of the stress and chaos involved that I so truly detest;-)  

     So between that, Inkwell Award duties, conventions and signings,and commissions, I am behind on just about everything and this site is no exception.  I have the Commission Gallery and Photos section to update following Pittsburgh Comicon and Free Comic Day and that will probably take place later this month along with The Granite State Comic Con. 

     Speaking of Pittsburgh, let me express how much the car rental business Enterprise sucks.  For the roadtrip I shared with Zeke Savory, Jason Casey, Hannibal King, and Alyn Bergstrom, we discovered on the morning of the drive from Massachusetts that our reserved vehicle was NOT available.  We had to drive two towns away for an available one (already disappointing as the problem was THEIR fault so why are WE fetching the automobile???).  Upon receipt it wasn't the vehicle we had reserved with the extra luggage room we needed and the same type we used the previous September for the same trip to the same show.  We couldn't afford to cancel so we loaded up the SUV, completely blocking the rear window and blocking us all in with items under our feet, besides us, etc., basically a traveling violation or suicidal scenario.  We started out two hours late for the drive and thanks to a downed power line in the road in PA (something we would've avoided had we been on time) we had to take an alternate route and we ultimately arrived three hours later than planned, missing the show's event for that evening!  While I tried to call ahead to my roommates who were waiting for me to enter our room (but failing to do so for an hour due to cell deadzones in the dark redneck territory) Alyn tried to make calls to switch to a better vehicle that night and all weekend. In the end we were told that there wasn't any transfers available in Pittsburgh or the entire region.  So buying some bungy cords we had to pack up my monster-sized hardcase Samsonite in the roof and repeated our death-defying cruise home (in the rain and with a GPS that went loco on us, but that's not relevant to the Enterprise focus;-))  Upon our return Zeke and complaint the manager actually was on the defense that we should've cancelled our trip.... I made clear that we'd never use Enterprise again...not that they seemed to care.  Or did we at that time, only sweet sleep called to us.  Something I'm yearning for right now in fact.

FCBD! 'Nuff said! Print E-mail
Written by Bob Almond   
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 10:20






A pic and a plug in GO MAGAZINE! Print E-mail
Written by Bob Almond   
Wednesday, 07 April 2010 16:03

Mike Gelbwasser did a feature ("Comic Con a Big Draw") on the upcoming Boston Comic Con and was cool about mentioning me and my Inkwell Awards charity!





Last Updated on Saturday, 01 May 2010 10:07
'Inkblots' has moved! Print E-mail
Written by Bob Almond   
Friday, 02 April 2010 15:45

I've been writing my inker-centric 'Inkblots' column for Sketch Magazine since 2006 from issues 30-39 but there's been a several month gap since that issue and the publisher hasn't offered any status updates leaving me with no answers for inquirying fans at the conventions I attend.  So with my editor's understanding I have accepted the offer of Rik Offenberger of FirstComicsNews.com to run my column there as of yesterday.  Since I had quite a few topics completed and in the can for months and even years, I started out with my annual Inkwell Awards results for 2009 which had a note about the passing of Dave Simons (which occurred almost a year ago). The second topic "Name that Inking Style" was one I've been wanting to see 'print' for a couple of years and is now public.  In the future I may run my previously-published columns, revised, at the site, as well as new ones.  My status is still active at Sketch for the time being, albeit in limbo with the magazine itself. Hopefully issue 40 will ship soon which has both part of my origin story, originally printed out of order with part two in issue 38.  The official site has 41 announced as shipping in January but that's way out of date at this point....a step-by-step tutorial with my inks over Sal Velluto's The Phantom is slated for that one. Please post at the venue and show me some love and support!




Last Updated on Thursday, 23 December 2010 15:19
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Avengers: Supreme Justice tpb (April '01)
Original wraparound cover design. Pencils: George Perez, Inks: Thor & Wasp- Bob Almond, Ant-Man & Iron Man- Norman Lee, Scarlet Witch- Scott Hanna, Cap- Tim Townsend, Colors: Tom Smith

Cover art for Black Panther #43. Originally intended as the cover for The Comic Reader Magazine, now defunct. Pencils: Sal Velluto, Inks: Bob Almond, Colors: Tom Smith.

Heroes Con, June 9th 2001. (Clockwise) Bob, Mike Avon Oeming, Norman Lee, and Tom Smith. Photo by Mark Bagley.

Detail from the cover of Black Panther #28. Pencils & inks by Sal Velluto.  Loose visual/symbolic representation of the creative team:  Left to right: Pasquale (Lino) Viapiano (ink assistant), Bob, Sal Velluto, Tom Brevoort, Mark Sumerak, Priest, and Tom Smith (cover colorist).

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