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CONVENTIONS:  my next 2 shows will be the Pittsburgh Comic Con on September 11-13 (logo link at bottom of page from 6/18
news) and the 1st New England Comic Con (previously known as The Boston Spectacular) on September 20 (link on left).  The
Inkwell Awards will also be set up at both shows.
7/19 CONVENTIONS:  FYI, for those interested in the region, I made a last minute call to attend the Comic Book Show (previously
in Chelmsford, Ma, now in Westford) on Sunday, August 2nd from 9 to 3.  Click the logo for more info.
REPRINT NEWS UPDATE:  sadly, Harris Comics will not be producing this Best of Vampirella Vol. 4: Revelations collection 
described in the adjacent ad for the immediate future due to low order numbers.
INKWELL AWARDS UPDATE:  The results are in!  Check out the website for the list of winners & runner-ups!  Also, we welcome
to the team freshman committee member and artist Nathan Massengill following the loss of Dave.  But we are announcing the
creation of the Dave Simons Inkwell Memorial Scholarship Fund for students of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon & Graphic
Art this week.  For more info, run, don't walk, to the site!
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6/18 INKWELL AWARDS UPDATE:  Good news: the ballot is now live for the entire month of June so less than two weeks are left to
show recognition and support for your favorite ink artists.  Please spread the word so we have a huge turnout for our 2nd year!
And the worst possible news:  our friend Dave Simons passed away on June 9th after a long, brave bout with cancer.  He was
54.  I was honored to know him and The Inkwell Awards truly feels the loss of one of our own.  Rest easy, Dave.
Regrettably, I no longer have access to my Comicspace page.  I had to delete all my cookies a couple of months ago and this
one site would not recognize my login, password, or send a reminder to my inbox.  And the Contact option and contacting
'Josh' got me nowhere.  Maybe one day I'll start a new CS account but my other social networks already take up so much time.
The old page still exists but it will be outdated perhaps indefinitely.
I don't normally post about site updates but since it's taken many months for me to get around to some pages in my site I 
thought I should mention it.  Between now and this weekend, besides this News page,  I'll have finally updated the Links, 
Photos, and Gallery2 sections.
Art For Sale
For those keeping track, I've been inking my pal Sal Velluto on The Phantom off and on since last year for Egmont in Sweden
(known as Fantomen over there).  I worked on my third story recently, THE PHANTOM: HOODED JUSTICE.  And I predict more
of the Ghost Who Walks in my upcoming schedule.
CONVENTIONS:  I won't be doing any shows until the Pittsbugh Comicon on September 11-13 followed by The Boston Comic
Con on October 24 & 25.  Please click these appropriate logos for more info.
REPRINT NEWS:  STAR TREK: THE LAST GENERATION will by collected by IDW and ship in July/  No word yet about the BEST
OF VAMPIRELLA V. 4: VAMPIRELLA: REVELATIONS/  Marvel will be including Sal & my work from BLACK PANTHER#25 in their
upcoming MARVEL BROMANCE tpb scheduled to ship in August/
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