(above) BP # 42, page 10:  Sal looked up ref for Yellowjacket in the MU handbook but incorrectly referred to Rita Demara, the female Yellowjacket instead
of Hank Pym.  I altered her to a him while inking.  The only problem was that he ultimately looked crummy and I recall a vocal fan or two posting at an
Avengers forum that Sal sucked at drawing YJ.   Nope, more like Bob sucks at giving YJ a sex change.  I still feel bad about that one.
(below) BP # 20, page 20:  In this sequence Ross is upset thinking about his love Nikki in the arms of T'Challa, her former love.  The only discrepancy is
that Sal drew Monica in the sequence by mistake:-)    I redid her hair and no one was the wiser.  (Now had Monica needed to become a man I'm sure
that I would've just blown it...:-))