(above) AQUAMAN # 6, page 22:  I 
believe that the office needed the
dialogue on this page changed so the
writer, Rick Veitch, made the revisions
as necessary but it also meant that the
last panel needed to have Aquaman
speaking instead of Superman.  I was
asked to change the original face into
AM's on tracing vellum, scan it & send 
the file to them...they would have the
rest of the figure corrected at the office.
My only regret was that I felt that I had
actually done a pretty good job inking
Superman in that panel and now no one
would see it...until now:-)
(left)  Sal accidentally mixed up AM's
regular hand with his watery one in this
show.  No big deal, it happens to all
artists.  The correction was made at the
office.  Fine.  One problem...now AM's
right arm has a left hand.