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If it weren't for Craig Rousseau or Christopher Griffen I simply
would not even have a website up and running. even though I now
generally have all of this on-going site construction & maintenance
figured out I'm eternally grateful for their expertise and patience. 
Click the images to check their sites out!
Christopher Griffen
It was thanks to Mike Fichera that I was added to the world of Wikipedia.  A professional environmental engineer by day and freelance
writer by night,  I 'met' Mike through email correspondence with Jeff ("snood") Christiansen, creator of the Marvel Universe appendix site
(of which we're all fellow 'masters of the obscure') for either the site or in regard to a Marvel handbook.  I had been wanting to get a
Wiki page posted but never seemed to find the time.  I contacted fellow 'Jarvis head' Danny Wall who I read writes for's wiki
section but he was too busy to fill that slot so he put the word out to his fellow contributers and thankfully Mike came a callin' to the
rescue.  Posted as of January '08, Mike will be updating my entry as time goes on.  You can click the related logos for their respective
links and Mike's photo to visit his own website.
Official Chronicler
Inking assistants
(l-r) Bob, Norman Lee and Andy Wiernicki from the 
'96 Pittsburgh Comic Con
I'd like to thank the following for their usually uncredited, invaluable assistance over
various lengths of time:
Andrew Wiernicki ('94-'95)
Norman Lee ('95-'97)
Steve Montano & Aaron McClellan ('97-'98)
Warren Martineck ('99-'03, '05-'07)
Pasquale (Lino) Viapiano ('00-'01)
Scott Ambruson ('02, '03)
Check out Andy's official site!
(l-r) Diane & Bob Almond alongside warren & Patty 
Martineck from the '02 Boston Comic Book & Toy 
Scott Ambruson at the '02 Boston
Great American Comic Book Expo
Check out Scott's official site!
Check out Warren's official site!
And last but not least...
If it wasn't for the assistance & support of my friends Sal Velluto 
and Mark McKenna I probably wouldn't have survived the dire '90s
and reached past the first decade mark in my comic biz career.  I
owe them immensely and will never forget thier kindness. Click the
logo icon (Sal) & Bananatail cover art (mark) to visit thier sites.
Sal & Bob at the '00 All-Time Classic New York Comic Book Con
And I'll respectfully END this by thanking the 2 gents who STARTED it all.  I'll forever hold a debt of gratitude to the heroes who helped make my fantasy since the age of 9 a reality:
Bernie Wrightson Check out the websites of these two legends by clicking their names.  To all of those listed on this page...THANKS GUYS!!
and Jim Starlin.
(left) Bob & Bernie at the 2004
Pittsburgh Comicon
(right) Jim & Bob at the 2006
premiere New York Comicon
(far right) Not 'contributers', but
how cool is it to hang out with
Gene "The Dean" Colan (NYCC '06) &
"Joltin" Joe Sinnott (Boston Comic
Book Spectacular '05), respectively?
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