As mentioned in my NEWS/PREVIEWS (archives) for 9/19/03, Sal Velluto was among a handful of artists asked to submit sample art to Dark Horse Comics by Conan
scribe Kurt Busiek & editorial.   Sal submitted a pin-up image and 2 pages of sequential art from a Kurt sample script.  There was an emphasis not to copy the popular
Marvel Comics version of the character and Kurt & Sal discussed the idea of rendering Conan as sinewy & Panther-like since creator Robert E. Howard had described
his hero in such a fashion in the source material.  This was interesting since Sal had recently ended his run on Marvel's BLACK PANTHER.  Ultimately, another pencil
artist was chosen for the position.  Had Sal been hired I would most-likely have been the Hyborean inker.  After numerous requests I decided to post this unpublished
art here in the FEATURES section with consent from my pal Sal.  PLEASE CLICK THE THUMBNAILS FOR LARGER IMAGES.
Speaking of Sal's BLACK PANTHER, here are 4 unpublished pages from issues 17. Priest had accidentally submitted an earlier draft of the script to Sal and by the time
he'd realized it Sal had done this deleted sequence and it was sitting on my table ready to be inked.  Sal & I were perplexed initially by the sequence but we didn't
question it since non-linear and flashback sequences were the norm with CJP.  Incidentally, Panther fans may notice that page 21 and most of page 22 was used from
this sequence but in issue 22 instead.
Sal Velluto's Art Soup
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