I was hired by Penny-Farthing Press to ink the 6-issue series CAPTAIN GRAVITY & THE POWER OF THE VRIL in the beginning of November '03 over pencil artist Mike
Lilly.  Between November and January I received 17 pages to ink from issue one which I completed.  Due to circumstances a subsequent creative change was made
and my pal Sal Velluto made the cut as new pencil artist with me retained to ink my oft-partner.  Unfortunately, these originally rendered pages will most likely not see
print.  This disappointed me since, outside of commissions, as much as I cherish our working relationship and quality work that we achieve as a team  I don't often get
to sink my ink into artists outside of Sal and when I do it's always a challenge but fun to delve into different creative territory.  And I ultimately felt that these inked
pages rocked!  I used much more dry brush FX than I tend to among other cool textural tricks.  By the way, the reason that Mike drew so many 2-page spreads was
because PFP puts their ads in the back of their books so Mike figured that he'd take advantage of the uninterrupted space in laying out the story and give it a different
feel.    So now that the series has debuted I can reveal what was to be and you the reader/ fan can compare these pages to the incredible pages that Sal drew and I
inked in the published comic.                                   Bob Almond      11/4/04                                            PLEASE CLICK THE THUMBNAILS IMAGES TO ENLARGE
(c) Penny-Farthing Press
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