Born on January 4th, 1967 in Seoul, Korea  Bob relocated to the USofA after only
a few weeks.   Bob soon discovered comics  and became a 'Marvel zombie' at the
age of nine.   This led to the never-ending accumulation of a vast comic book col-
lection but, most notably, the success at eventually acquiring the entire run of the
AVENGERS series, inspired by the art of George Perez.  This work motivated him to
learn the craft and develop the skills of sequential art storytelling with the goal of
becoming a professional comic book artist.   Bob, his brother Mike, and his friends,
all of whom shared a similar interest, formed the homemade 'Torpedo Comics' (which
used their own and Marvel characters) and it allowed him the practice necessary in
the early years, lasting until the sophomore year of high school,  when life REALLY
got in the way.
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     Bob later attended UMass Dartmouth taking up illustration as his major.  After
scoring well on his senior project,  a sci-fi/ fantasy/ horror anthology told with se-
quential art storytelling as a graphic novel, Bob graduated (and got married!) in 1990
with a BFA in Illustration.  After two years of collecting numerous rejection letters for
his pencilling and inking samples, Bob broke into the biz professionally thanks to the 
efforts of Bernie Wrightson and Jim Starlin.   After several years of attending the
annual Wrightson Halloween bash (a tradition begun after interviewing Bernie over the
phone for a college project and being invited to attend) Bob had displayed his inking
samples to Bernie's pal Jim, & Jim convinced his editor to hire Bob as Terry Austin's!
replacement on WARLOCK AND THE INFINITY WATCH in 1992.
Detail from Black Panther#17, page 20(Feb. 2000)
Sal drew me in these first three panels dancing
with Hulk and Queen Divine Justice.  I'm the guy
in the striped shirt with an inking quill on my ear.
(below left)BP#39, page 12, panel 2(me with quill)
(below right)BP#40, page 11, panel 2(me and Sal)
     After two years on his first comic title Bob moved on to other projects and has
done work in some capacity at Marvel every year since until 2002.   He has also had
runs on various titles working for the likes of Penny-Farthing Press, Malibu and
Acclaim Comics as well as occasional projects for DC Comics and other publishers.
Bob is the inking half of the Sal Velluto art team collaboration on such projects as
Marvel's critically-acclaimed BLACK PANTHER,'99-'02 (leading to an "Ooks" & two
"Squiddies" awards for best inker), DC's JSA and Penny-Farthing Press' CAPTAIN
GRAVITY & THE POWER OF THE VRIL.  Some of Bob's recent work has been for Harris
the Wildstorm monthly New Line series A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.   After five
years Bob returned to his 'roots' in 2007 and inked Mike Lilly on Marvel's cosmic series
ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST- QUASAR.  Since then he debuted at IDW on the nominated
series STAR TREK: THE LAST GENERATION and has even been working again with Sal
on Egmont's THE PHANTOM (Fantomen in Sweden).
    Besides inking, in recent years Bob has made an effort to draw more attention to the
craft of inking in order to bring more recognition and respect for its history and artists.
He has acted in an official capacity as a 'master of the obscure' at the Appendix of the
Marvel Universe handbook site as well as for the writers of various Marvel handbooks,
sharing info and identifying the artists of the posted/ printed sample art, including
inkers.   He has also acted in an unofficial capacity assisting COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE
as a resource in a similar fashion since 2006.   Earlier that year this effort led to Bob
writing his regular column for SKETCH MAGAZINE, "Inkblots" starting with issue 30.
And the natural progression from that development led to his creation of the INKWELL
AWARDS in late 2007 for "Inkblots" which will debut the spring of '08 with the goal of
bringing attention and obtaining an appreciation for such often unsung work.
     Some of Bob's favorite artists (besides Sal and George!) are John Byrne, Frank
Miller, Gene Day, Michael Golden, Klaus Janson, Joe Rubenstein, Terry Austin, Neal
Adams, Jim Starlin, Jim Steranko, Mark Farmer, Tom Palmer, Bob Layton, Adam
Hughes, Bernie Wrightson, Jack Kirby, John Buscema, Carlos Pacheco, Jeff Jones,
pre-manga Chris Bachalo, Mike Perkins, Howard Chaykin, Mark Texeira, Tom Raney,
early Bill Sienkiewicz, Alex Ross, & numerous others.   Bob's a proud 'Jarvis-head' &
he spends any free time playing Marvel Heroclix.  Bob lives in New Bedford, MA with
his wife Diane, son Nathan and cats Tux & BJ.
(left-right)Sal Velluto, Bruce Canwell, Ernie
Pelletier and moi from the All-Time Classic
NY Comic Book Convention(June 9-11, 2000)
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(clockwise from top left) 
*Me with John Buscema at The All-
Time Classic NY C.B. Con(June 2000)
*Me with Gil Kane at the Pittsburgh
Comic Con (April 1996)
*Bob's11-year old son Nathan
(May 2008)
*Me with Stan the Man at San Diego
Comicon (August, 1993)
(above)George Perez and I at
Chicago Con(June 21-3, 1996)
Photo: Kevin West
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(right)Sal Velluto & Priest
create& render me as a 
sorcerer in BLACK PANTHER
# 39, 2002.
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