UPDATE: More info is now available for the 2nd BLACK PANTHER MARVEL MONSTER EDITION first posted on
here1/30/02(check archives). This French-printed only version published by Panini Comics in Europe is tentatively
scheduled for release this summer. Following-up from the first volume it will collect BLACK PANTHER #s 26-37
and a gallery of those covers. Besides sporting an introduction by Bob it will have a special sketchbook gallery in
the back of the book and the cover, by Sal & Bob, will be none other than the one Marvel Comics originally 
rejected for their last issue, BP # 49 (shown on left) which is presently available as a b&w print on the ART FOR
SALE page. The cover will be colored by Tom Smith and a character ID key for it will be included within the book.  
When the volume is solicited that info and ordering info will be posted here for those interested in ordering it as
was done with the 1st volume. A third volume is tentative depending on demand and it is presumed to collect the
rest of Sal&Bob's run, issues 38-49.
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UPDATE: The 4/13 Boston Spectacular guests are presently posted as being Bob, Don Rosa, Ed McGuinness and 
Leanord Kirk. For more info click the link for the original news item on 12/27 below.
After 9 BLACK PANTHER-related nominations were announced at Comicboards' first annual Comic book "Ook 
Awards" on 3/2 it was announced on 3/9 that BP took 3 of the awards with Bob winning the 'best inker' catagory
against the talented Al Vey, Scott Hanna and *gasp* Al Williamson.  For Bob's acceptance speech & award results:
Sal & Bob are doing 2 AQUAMAN  fill-ins, issues 6 & 7, shipping in May and June from DC Comics.
UPDATE: On 8/8/02 I announced info about the French edition of the "BLACK PANTHER MONSTER EDITION, V. 1"
published by Marvel France/Panini (which you can read about in the archives). I have confirmed that there will be a
second volume later this year collecting BP issues 26-37 since the first book was a hit over there. Any day now I
should be receiving confirmation re: the book's 'special' contents&cover. I'll post/add the update to this paragraph.
1/17/03 Check out the Almond Inkwell Inquiry, a trivia give-away at my Comixtreme forum "From the Inkwell". You could 
win free, signed issues from my upcoming work so give it a whack!
I added a 'Gallery3' page to this site focusing on variant, edited & altered art.  Only part 1, BP color cover variants, 
is up now (and some of it needs to be fixed still) but in the near future I'll be constructing part 2, altered art.
I added a 'Contributers' page to give proper credit to those who've assisted me with the website & my work/career.
12/27/02 UPDATE: Scheduling was altered by DC so that Sal&I will not do JSA 48 for our second fill-in but are instead 
tentativelly set to do issue 51 which follows the "Princes of Darkness" story.
I will be attending the Boston Comic Book & Toy Spectacular Show on Sunday April 13. For more info:
11/25/02 UPDATE: The two JSA fill-in issues Sal & I are doing will actually be 46 & 48 (not 47 as reported below). These are 
parts 1 and 3 to the "Princes of Darkness" epic that will conclude with issue 50. the 2 issues will ship March and 
May.  Also, Sal and I will be doing a pin-up of Aquaman new series supporting characters McCaffrey & Sweeney in
the upcoming AQUAMAN SECRET FILES 2003 scheduled to ship from DC in late March. For more on both stories:
UPDATE: as last reported here on 8/20/02(see news archives) TJKC # 37 is to print unpublished Black Panther art
from "Enemy of the State 2" in Adam McGovern's "Kirby as a Genre" column. This was to ship this month. Editor
and publisher John Morrow has confirmed that the issue is running late and he hope that it will ship by the end of 
the year. This art can be found in the Gallery 2b section, first 2 entries.
DC has assigned Sal to do 2 fill-in issues of the monthly JSA title, 46 & 47, scheduled to ship March and April. 
I will be sharing the inking chores with JSA regular inker Keith Champagne.
Priest has updated his Black Panther section of his website to include summaries of each year of the series 
with behind the scenes info on the creative process and status of the title from time to time. Just click the
links "Year one", etc. to get more of the story.
ALTER EGO magazine #20 will feature a Timely/Marvel Comics focus and within the issue it will print the Invaders/
JSA cover swipe art that I inked over Paul Ryan as a commission recently. At this time the issue is solicited in 
PREVIEWS to be ordered for the month of Jan. Below, AE magazine's site link & one to my gallery to see the art: Gallery2b: Invaders
UPDATE: as reported on 5/20/02 Sal was contacted by an employee of AMERICAN ARTIST magazine for an 
interview on the Marvel HEROES project. Our art for the project was to be shown alongside some others in the 
book and I was mentioned in Sal's interview. Unfortunately, that employee is no longer with the company and
the article was scrapped.
Brandon Thomas column 'Ambidextrous' contains an interesting analysis of what the BLACK PANTHER series 
was and what it seems to be post # 49. It's titled "Black and White" and you can find it at Silverbulletcomics's site:
DC reported to Newsarama about the prestigious upcoming project that Sal and I are doing for them to follow-up 
from Black Panther. It's a limited series called JSA ALL STARS and we will be doing the bookend 2 issues
(sample art at top of this page). It is written by Geoff Johns and David Goyer and is tentatively scheduled to ship 
in May 2003. For more info on the series and the incredible line up of creators involved in the project:
My iMac computer 'died' the moment I made the latest site updates. It takes 6 weeks to be back up and running
to full capacity again with my new Powermac G4 and catch up with updates.
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