archives I've been absent around here due to my work schedule.  Here's an update:  As I was finishing A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET I was in discussions
to return to doing more work for the First Salvo studio when I was offered to ink a 144-page graphic novel for a company over Geof Isherwood whom
I've done a few commissions with but always wanted to sink my ink into a real assignment with him.  We were ready to begin when Marvel called
about QUASAR.  Knowing how crazy that schedule would be I had to subsequently postpone the FS work and politely drop out of Geof's project.
Then I was asked by the new Valiant Entertainment company if I could take on a new short story by Jim Shooter & Bob Hall or the dust-jacket cover
by Hall in the upcoming HARBINGER: THE BEGINNING HC book solicited for August with both reprint & new material.  I chose the dj cover since I'd
never done one of those and it'd better fit into my schedule.  But this cover pencil art was delayed so when time between QUASAR 1 & 2 allowed me
to take on a cover, the dj one was not ready so I did the inside 'cover' art (for the new story) which was ready.  I just finished that and now as I wait to
receive new pages to issue 2 I need to do some much-delayed commission work.  I have 3 more months of QUASAR & then I hope to wrap up more
commissions & write up some SKETCH magazine "Inkblots" columns. Thankfully, my family & I have the Orlando Con following all this in late Sept.
It's quite startling that after 15 years I'm passing up or rescheduling more gigs than I can actually take on now, which is honestly a first for me.  I 
truly appreciate all the work but it will certainly keep things exciting & hectic on my end and sadly quiet around here.  Counting down to autumn!
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MARVEL HANDBOOK UPDATE!  Besides 'The Panther God' by Sal&Bob in issue 2, 'Pip the troll' also appears in that issue with images by Angel Medina & myself
from our work years ago on WARLOCK & THE INFINITY WATCH.  Speaking of which, I neglected to mention that small images of Gamora by Angel & myself were
GREAT NEWS!!  I've been hired to ink Marvel's upcoming ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST- QUASAR 4-issue Marvel series over my VAMPIRELLA: REVELATIONS co-
creator Mike Lilly.  This is my 1st Marvel work since BLACK PANTHER 5 years ago!  And it's like coming 'home' since my 1st pro work at Marvel 15 years hence was
also for the cosmic titles & characters.  This development has led to some juggling of upcoming projects until later but it also means a moritorium on accepting any 
commission requests for the next few months.  It will also sadly delay some site updates.  But this gig will truly be worth it.
5/3/07 After another phenomonal show at Pittsbugh Comicon this past weekend I not only confirmed to go again next year but I had recently been in-
vited to attend the 2nd annual Orlando Comicon for Sept. 21-23 and I happily accepted, especially since I'm going with my family and we've
never been to Florida before let alone the nearby Disney-theme parks.  It's still 5 months away but you can get some more info from the show
site and their My Space page links here.
Speaking of September, Wildstorm has informed me that the 1st A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET tpb will be released that month.  It will most 
likely collect Chuck, Kevin & my 2 arcs, issues 1-3 & 5-7 with issues 4 & 8 being used in a later trade.
Last year I saw that Eaglemoss International were producing Marvel figurines combined with a magazine about each character and there was one
based on Black Panther.  The PREVIEWS solicitation had limited info and the figurine was not based on the Sal&Bob design so I did not order the
items.  Fast-forward to 2 months ago when I found out that my pal Ernie Pelletier was collecting these figurines but giving away the magazines to
his nephew.  When I asked what was in the BP magazine(#30) he confirmed that there were 9 Sal&Bob images within & that it was a great book
containing the history of BP and much further info.  He gave me his copy and I must agree.  If you are a fan of T'Challa you need to get this mer-
chandise IMO and if your retailer cannot order it you can order it directly from the link icon (left) to this British company.
I've known about this for a couple of months now but Wildstorm finally posted a press release on the new status of the New Line horror titles in-
cluding A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.   Instead of an ongoing monthly it will take a break and be a series of limited series.  Chuck, Kevin & my
last issue of NoES will be # 8.   The link to the left shows the official statement.
CONVENTION UPDATE!  NYCC went very well for me and I will be updating the PHOTOS page in the next few days to reflect that and placing the old
page into a PHOTOS ARCHIVE section.   I haven't mentioned the Pittsburgh Comicon since 11/22 so I wanted to remind fans that I'll be attending this
show on 4/27-29 along with my art rep Bob Shaw of Serendipity Art Sales who will be helping me watch my table that weekend.  Click the PCC logo
to see the updated guest list.  Sadly, I will not be able to attend the Charlotte HEROES CON this year.  But I am in discussions about attending 2 new
shows later in the year so I'll keep you posted here soon.
Speaking of NYCC,  Mike Lilly & I received 5 copies each of the Harris Comics solicited Vampirella deluxe art prints from the VAMPIRELLA: REVEL-
ATIONS series.  We signed and numbered them for each other so you can find my 5 prints available for sale in my ART FOR SALE page (link on left
sidebar).  They were solicited in the catalog for @$20 regular & @$50 signed by Mike and limited to 1000.  Our VERY limited run of 10 signed by 
BOTH of us only costs $30 each and will also be available at Pittsburgh Comicon.  Click the image on the left to enlarge.  WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!
Some eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that there wasn't a solicitation for A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET # 8 from Wildstorm in PREVIEWS for
May release.  There will be a one month gap between those issues and issue 8 will ship in June.
MARVEL HANDBOOK UPDATE!  Following-up from the last handbook updates on 1/27, a Sal&Bob 'Nightshade' entry showed up in THE OFFICIAL HANDBOOK OF
UPDATE! Following from news on 2/17, the Bob Almond interviews posted at John Daniel's blog now also appears at the Comiccritique site along with the rest of
the Captain Gravity creative team.  I added the link to my LINKS page as well.
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