(left) The Sal & Bob BP uniform design,
one of many used in the new Marvel
Ultimate Alliance video game
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Lastly, while not Bob Almond-related,  I wanted to help draw attention to Valerie D'Orozio's blog
"Occasional Superheroine".   She transcribes a riveting & disturbing summary of both her trau-
matic life and experiences within the comic book community as a woman.  I met her at NYCC
before I read about her & now I'm truly moved.  Her link is here (above) & at my LINKS page.  Scroll
down, click the November link in archive, & scroll down & start from the bottom and read forward
the 1st month or two.
CONVENTION UPDATE!  That signing at the PFP booth on Friday at NYCC (see news 1/27) has been changed to Saturday the 24th from 12 noon
to 1pm.  This way I will be signing along with Stephen Vrattos (creator of Captain Gravity) and Joshua Dysart (writer of CG&THE POWER OF
THE VRIL) at booth 659!  Click the PFP logo to the left for the new press release.
in his blog's ("Comic Story Arc") review of the trade.  He also has posted great interviews with the creative team of Joshua Dysart, Sal Velluto,
& myself.
UPDATE! Above you can now see the preview art to the wraparound cover of BOB ALMOND INKWORKS VOL. 2 by Sal&Bob.   The art is
unpublished from our run on BLACK PANTHER.   You can get more info on this from news dated 12/20/06.
CONVENTION UPDATE: Penny-Farthing Press has posted a signing schedule for their booth at the NYCC for 2/23-25.  I'll be signing there for
them on Friday from 6-7pm.   The press release can be read by clicking the logo (left).
More Marvel handbook art updates!  In the ALL NEW OHOTMU A-Z # 12 they used Sal&Bob art for 'Vibraxas' from BLACK PANTHER.   In the
upcoming handbook UPDATE # 2 (April) they'll use the panther from the Sal&Bob cover of BP # 36 for 'Bast', the Panther God.
12/29/06 I've been recognized by prolific client Michael Rankins at his 'Swanshadow' blog as "Comicart Friday's 2006 artist of the year" for several
commissions I did for him! Last year I had pieces nominated but this is my 1st win.  Click the icon (left) to read about it.  THANKS, MICHAEL!!
12/20/06 After the industry turned upside down in my 3rd year in the biz I never expected to reach the 10 year mark in my career yet this January 4th
will mark not only my 40th birthday but my 15th year as a pro comic creator.  I have you fans to be thankful for- thanks for all the support!
UPDATE! Following the Pittsburgh guest listings, the New York Comicon has posted the first 'artist alley' names at their site and will add to the
list frequently in the coming weeks.  You can find me & a cast of 1000s there (link on left) and if you click their 'exhibitors' link you will find 
UPDATE! Besides me being featured in this month's CBG # 1626 ("Top 10 Comic Book Covers") as mentioned on 11/22, Karen O'Brien reviews
& praises the CAPTAIN GRAVITY & THE POWER OF THE VRIL trade in her column "The O'Brien Factor" on pages 76-7.
For those of you who picked up and enjoyed my 2005 Bob Almond Inkworks Vol. 1 sketchbook (still available!) you'll be happy to know that I
am working on volume 2 right now and hope to have them printed up next month all set for the '07 con season.  It's chock full of commissions
& unpublished art that I inked that can be found at my site's gallery2 section but mostly not published anywhere else but in these books!
Some artists include: Sal Velluto, Jim Starlin, Adam Hughes, M.C. Wyman, Ron Adrian, Gene Colan, Craig Rousseau, Geof Isherwood, Jeff Moy,
Phil Moy, Dan Jurgens, Michael Ryan, Ron Wilson, Andy Smith, & Michael Dooney and wrapped around  with unpublished Sal & Bob color and
b&w Black Panther art!!  If you can't see me in on the show tour then you can always order it from me at my site.  I'll certainly keep you posted!
12/10/06 Aardwolf Publishing will publish a special hardcover edition of the Dave Cockrum tribute book in February.  It will consist of all the original
material (such as Sal & my two Imperial Guard images) as well as new work that didn't make the deadline of the original softcover.  This is made
w/ cooperation of the Cockrum estate (Dave passed away Nov. 26, 2006).  The press release link is below left, you can click the icon above it to
order the book, and the cover is on the upper left.
press release
Jen Contino posted a NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET-centric interview, the third of three interviews following Chuck Dixon & Kevin West.  You
can click the logo to the left to read it.
11/22/06 For those interested, I will be the featured creator for the Comic Buyer's Guide's "10 Favorite Comic Book Covers" in #1626 which will be out
next month (Dec.).
UPDATE! Of the three conventions that I previously mentioned that I'd be attending in 2007 (NYCC, Pittsburgh Comicon, & Heroes Con) 
Pittsburgh is the first to post an artist alley guest list.  Small as it is now it will certainly expand by April 27-29.
UPDATE!  From 5/11/06 I'd mentioned doing a commercial job with Jeff Lavezoli for Duquesne University.  I don't know if this will work but the
link (left) is a pdf file of the three colored pieces.  If you click the Duquesne logo link you can find at least one of the pieces in the website.
pdf file samples
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