Part one briefly covered my time with A First Salvo.  The top row are the 5 pages I inked over Kevin West, alternating with Mark Mckenna for Saga Six: Echoes(June '06).
For the record, my pages below are 12, 13, 15, 17, & 20.  The bottom row consists of the 3 pin-ups that I was hired first to ink for the publisher in March of 2006.  The first
one was over Sal Velluto, the 2nd was over publisher Thad Branco's pencils, and the last one over AFS' member Anthony Cannonier.  Incidentally, all inks were over
the original art except the following that were sent to me as digital files and converted to blueline: the last 2 pin-ups and all of the John Royle pages (pt. 3).
(c) A First Salvo
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