I was hired by Thad Branco, publisher of the A First Salvo line of titles, in 2006, first inking 3 pin-ups
(part 2) in March and this 16 page story in April and May over my oft-partner Sal Velluto.  After this I
inked my old pal Kevin West over 5 pages (alternating with Mark McKenna) in June (pt. 2).  Then I 
worked at Wildstorm inking Kevin on A Nightmare on Elm Street.  When that series concluded I re-
turned to AFS inking a Danger's Dozen cover over Sal in October 2007 (right). Lastly, from November
of '07 through January '08 I worked on three 8-page chapters of Danger's Dozen: Power Play over
John Royle's pencil art (pt. 3).  This one was intended as a digital story to later be collected in a tpb.
But the story wouldn't continue as the publisher folded soon after, having only released their 
Danger's Dozen limited series by Norm Breyfogle and an issue of Contract by Kevin Sharpe and 
McKenna.  Nothing else was ever published, including not only all three parts of my AFS Feature
here but also various other jobs by Velluto & Rubenstein, Daniel Best and Alan Weiss, and many
more, some completed works, others not so much.  It was a huge regret to have so much art never
see the light of day so I've devoted the space here at my site to display them for the record.
(c) A First Salvo
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